Ai Kansha Cat Sanctuary

I set up this rescue sanctuary for cats in 1998, having run Sherkin wildlife sanctuary, Portarlington, Co. Laois, a healing and rescue for horses, previously.

I work as a spiritual healer, flower remedy therapist, reiki master, kundalini reiki, quantum touch, kinesiology, mahatma ascension reiki, crystal and aurasoma healing, reconnection therapy and homeopath with my little rescues, now 38 cats and 2 dogs.
 It has changed everything, even cats that were seriously ill, have shown heightened energy levels and renewed interest in life.

 I have been blessed with great spiritual help, very many miracles h
ave occurred here which encourages the work.

Recently, we set up a facebook page, entitled 'Ai Kansha cat sanctuary community.

This page is updated daily with healing affirmations, techniques, inspirational quotes and verses, please come and 'like' page.. 

I run the sanctuary without outside funding or volunteer support. If you live locally, I am always grateful for cardboard boxes, newspapers etc

you can also help by donating, please email paypal 

It is now necessary for the survival of the animals here to create a public profile.

The animals are sacred and this is their home, I feel grateful to have this privelege of working with them in love and harmony.


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