Ai Kansha Cat Sanctuary

coursing and cubbing season has started!

August 3, 2011
August 1st heralded the start of this most brutal activity... Every year this has resulted inlossof animals at Ai Kansha, despite repeated pleas to stay away from the sanctuary..
It means many sleepless nights awaiting the sounds of dog packs on the rampage...

Please spare a prayer of protection for the animals here as well as the beautiful creatures being mercilessly and savagely killed every year


July 3, 2011

Our cats   are currently under attack from  the local hunt and  coursers. They are sending their dogs onto the property to attack the cats, inspite of  repeated requests for them to keep the dogs out. The local police refuse to act without proof ie. pictures. We urgently need to raise funds for a cctv camera set up.
Please  either donate  via  paypal or chipin links on the home page.

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